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Sample use cases for OAT’s solutions:

Q: How do I increase the accuracy of information of assets entering my facility, on-hand, and in transit out to other locations?

A: With real-time visibility into asset locations, movement and utilization

With an asset tracking solution from OAT, manufacturers know exactly:

  • which materials enter their facility and when
  • where within the facility they are located at any point in time
  • when they leave the facility
  • where they are headed


  • An unprecedented level of asset visibility
  • The ability to manage assets easily and cost-effectively
  • A significant reduction in process errors throughout the supply chain, virtually eliminating production outages and asset shrinkage, all while increasing customer satisfaction

Q: How do I streamline my manufacturing process, reduce errors, and track components more effectively?

A: Reduce process errors and provide component audit trail

With OAT’s asset tracking solution, manufacturers gain the benefit of an intelligent system that tracks, identifies, and verifies all component parts that are used in an assembly.


  • Insights at all phases of manufacture, from raw component parts to each step of the assembly line, through finished goods inventory
  • Easy, cost-effective management of tools and equipment throughout the manufacturing process
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all raw materials and components