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OATSystems – Delivering Real-Time Visibility to the Enterprise

"We selected OAT as our partner based on its mature, well-architected platform, enterprise capabilities and the experience of its team, which has deployed hundreds of RFID solutions over the past decade."

- Phil Gerskovich, SVP New Growth Platforms
Zebra Technologies

OAT’s mission is to positively impact our customers’ efficiency and profitability by providing real-time, actionable visibility to operational processes and systems. By providing an enterprise view of asset movement and inventory, we drive actionable information that delivers tangible cost savings and prevents process errors.



At OAT, we believe that enterprise systems provide optimal value when they contain rich, actionable data at the process level. Leveraging Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS, GPS and sensor technology, OAT provides the connectivity and business context to enrich ERP, WMS, MES, POS, Field Service and Asset Management systems.



“OAT is the leader in this marketplace with one of the largest RFID customer bases, and was on the short list of almost every reference we spoke with."

- Dennis Gaughan, AMR Research

OATSystems has helped more than 100 industrial manufacturers, retailers and consumer products companies to leverage Auto-ID technology to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction and increase bottom line results. 

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Curious about the OAT name?

OATSystems is a division of Checkpoint Systems.