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OATSystems - Auto-ID Innovation and Leadership

OATSystems has an unmatched heritage and history for innovation in Auto-ID:

Year Milestone
  • Dr. Sanjay Sarma, OATSystems’ Co-founder and Technology Advisor, founds Auto-ID Center, becomes EPCglobal Governor
  • OATSystems' Co-founder and General Manager, Prasad Putta, develops early standards for RFID, manages MIT Auto-ID Center and early Walmart field trials
  • OATSystems founded
  • OATSystems develops first RFID Middleware
  • OATSystems executes first field trial of RFID in supply chain
  • OATSystems delivers first multi-site, 100 reader scale system
  • OATSystems gains 50% market share for retailer mandates, “Elite 8” first RFID framework
  • OATSystems delivers first RFID-centric applications
  • OATSystems delivers first Flexible Architecture solution
  • OATSystems delivers first RFID Promotions on Standards
  • OATSystems launches RFID solutions for manufacturers including Asset Tracking and Work-In-Process tracking
  • OATSystems' customer Hewlett-Packard wins RFID Journal Award for Best RFID Implementation
  • OATSystems selected by Airbus for world’s largest RFID-enabled manufacturing initiative
  • OATSystems acquired by Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP)
  • OATSystems' customer Airbus wins RFID Journal Award for Best RFID Implementation


“Airbus will gain quick wins early on through data-gathering automation, but the long-term goal is nothing less than a transformation.” 

- Head of RFID Program, Airbus


As a division of Checkpoint Systems (NYSE:CKP), OATSystems offers its customers unmatched stability and depth of resources that only a large multi-national can provide.  OATSystems’ customers can be confident that the solutions that they rely on from OAT today will be supported and maintained tomorrow and beyond.  In addition, Checkpoint’s 40 years of RF technology expertise further strengthen OAT’s RFID and Auto-ID heritage; the combined technical strengths of Checkpoint and OAT provide customers with unmatched experience and technological capabilities. 

OATSystems is undeniably the global pacesetter in RFID and other Auto-ID solutions. Read more about what the industry is saying about OAT.
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