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Real-Time Enabling Enterprise Systems

"The OAT/Checkpoint (RFID middleware) platform is built on Java which makes it a highly flexible, forward looking platform with a complete set of APIs for distributed applications, enables programs to run anywhere on networks, and runs on top of existing platforms."

- Andrew Nathanson,
Vice President VDC Research

Companies make a significant investment in enterprise systems, but these systems only as accurate and effective as the information they contain.  Most ERP, WMS, POS, Field Service and Asset Management systems lack a critical element: real-time reality.  

When enterprise systems are only sparsely populated with data, they fail to provide key insights they were designed and installed for.  As a result, the value of the system, IT infrastructure, and related investments are greatly diminished.

Consider the following real-world situations:

  • an industrial manufacturer’s employees keep extra component parts near the manufacturing line “just for emergencies.”
  • an aerospace distribution facility’s forklift operator drives around looking for a carton that “isn’t where it’s supposed to be.”
  • an automotive component supplier’s finished goods and packaging staff “borrow parts from another order because it needs to get shipped out.”
  • a fashion retailer can’t serve a customer because requested items are misplaced in the back room and the fitting room.

This means that if a manifest isn’t updated, or a delivery isn’t recorded, or a rush order isn’t flagged, the systems that are supposed to manage these exceptions are suddenly out-of-date and unable to provide the key insights they were designed and installed for. 

The missing element is the real-time input that comes from Auto-ID based sensors throughout the operation – whether manufacturing, distribution or sales & service –  seamlessly integrated with ERP, MES, WMS, POS and other enterprise systems to constantly update, inform, and enable the organization to react appropriately.

OATSystems provides this critical link between the virtual and physical worlds.

OAT delivers business-driven, Auto ID-based solutions that keep manufacturing and retail enterprises operating efficiently and profitably.  OATSystems’ market-leading OAT Foundation Suite, combined with nearly a decade of experience in addressing over 100 customers’ real-world business challenges in retail, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing, uniquely positions OAT as the go-to solutions provider for real-time enabled operations.  

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