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Airbus A350 RFID Supplier Packages 

Airbus is the first aircraft manufacturer to request
its suppliers to add permanent RFID tags to approximately 3000 parts on each of its new A350 XWB aircraft. These RFID tags are designed to remain with the parts throughout their entire lifecycle in order to digitally store the full maintenance history and enhance process automation and visibility for all players across the lifecycle.

Airbus is employing OAT’s software suite as part of its award-winning Value Chain Visibility (VCV) programme.
VCV is an Auto-ID inspired business transformation programme that is developing state-of-the-art streamlined business processes across the value chain through increased visibility and measurability.

Its scope is the full Airbus value chain: from suppliers to Airbus, covering the full spectrum of industrial processes between its global manufacturing sites and onto its airlines customers and in-service partners.

RFID Supplier Packages
RFID Supplier Packages are designed to help suppliers meet Airbus’ RFID part marking requirements for the A350 XWB aircraft, and to enable them to track and trace aircraft components across their full lifecycle.

The packages enable multiple use cases such as birth record creation, part history record creation and repair maintenance history updates.

OAT Systems’ ATA Spec 2000 Solution is offered as part of Airbus-Approved A350 XWB Supplier Package.

Package Options:
RFID Supplier Packages include RFID software, readers (options 1-3), training and support, and offer multiple deployment options for Airbus A350 XWB suppliers based on component type, production volume and enterprise systems. Option 4 provides a software-only option for suppliers who already have an RFID handheld and are looking to track work-in-process at a later date or integrate part information with enterprise systems. The four package options are detailed in the in the following table:

Airbus A350 RFID Supplier Packages

Additional Support and Services Options
Integration with enterprise systems, extended support and training options, specifically designed
for A350 RFID Supplier Packages, are available, including

  • Data Entry Automation
  • Data Export
  • On-Site Training
  • Extended Hardware and Software Maintenance

For more information on A350 XWB Supplier Packages, deployment options and upcoming supplier meetings, click here.


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