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OAT real-time enabled a Chemical manufacturer’s SAP system to provide automatic inventory replenishment, resulting in reduced on-hand inventory and improved customer satisfaction.

Chemical manufacturers face increasing pressure to innovate while minimizing operating costs and regulatory risk. Auto-ID technology provides the necessary visibility and measurability to drive process improvement and cost savings.


Chemical manufacturing processes require strict materials handling and batch monitoring. Real-time visibility automates and error-proofs manual sourcing, material management, and work-in-process tracking, helping to prevent issues from propagating downstream.

Automated Goods Receipt tracks inbound materials from the receiving dock, minimizing expedite costs and production delays. Directed Putaway automates warehousing putaway with Auto-ID technology, reducing handling time, process errors and labor costs.

Reusable Asset Tracking, Container Pedigree, Line-Side Replenishment and Work-in Process Tracking provide real-time visibility for ERP, MMS and MES systems with Auto-ID Technology by:

  • Tracking Reusable Transport Items (RTIs) associated with work orders and customer orders through receipt, execution and shipment
  • Tracking the contents and history of Reusable Transport Items to avoid cross-contamination
  • Confirming batch execution against process orders
  • Enabling more efficient line sequencing for individual batches and materials
  • Tracking tools and equipment across the facility, eliminating manual check-in & check-out processes and production delays due to lost equipment
  • Setting audible and visual alerts to prevent containers and customer orders from being delivered to the wrong location


Chemical manufacturers need to monitor shipments across facilities, supply chain and transportation partners and international borders. Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS and GPS-enabled processes can automatically track and trace RTIs, railcars, intermodal and specialized containers as they pass through checkpoints within facilities, in transit, and at final destination. Reusable Asset Tracking and Automated Goods Receipt real-time enable ERP and WMS systems to track shipping containers, customer orders and delivery vehicles by:

  • Preventing mis-shipments and make-goods, so less safety stock is required at each location
  • Providing complete documentation to respond to in-transit delays, comply with regulatory requirements and to streamline border crossings
  • Increasing product velocity, leading to higher cash flow
  • Improving customer satisfaction

Beyond the walls of the manufacturing facility, OAT Yard Management provides real-time visibility into yard operations leveraging Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, GPS and RTLS technology.


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