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11.10 Modern Materials Handling
RFID Update
OAT’s General Manager, Prasad Putta, quoted in article about the value of RFID in closed-loop apparel retail. [Article as pdf]
10.27.10 RFID Journal
Apparel Retailers Test RFID-enhanced EAS Hard Tags
OAT’s Director of Marketing, Alan Sherman, quoted in article about the use of RFID in retail for operational and loss prevention benefits.
9.16.10 RFID Journal
Checkpoint Systems Creates RFID-centric 'Visibility' Division
7.16.10 RFID Journal
Momentum Is Growing for Item-Level Tagging, Survey Says
Report underwritten by Checkpoint and Motorola finds that a sizeable number of retailers are using—or soon plan to deploy—RFID tags at the item level.
6.10 Overhaul & Maintenance
Asset Management Takes Off [pdf]
MROs can keep track of tools, parts, work in process, and even people.

Integrated Solutions for Retailers
Inventory, Shrink Control: Key Apps for RFID
Retail apparel – specifically closed loop operations – are putting to rest any speculation around the value of RFID


Integrated Solutions for Retailers
The Marriage of RFID and EAS
With the union of RFID and EAS, retailers will see enterprise-wide efficiency gains, savings, and application creativity.


SCAN: The Data Capture Report
Airbus Extends OATSystems RFID Service Contract [pdf]
Latest move demonstrates user confidence in maturing RFID technologies.


RFID Journal
RFID Rescues Emergency Transportation Service
Action Ambulance’s CEO cites OATSystems as “the only RFID vendor on the market that believed in our vision" to use the technology for effective inventory tracking.

4.10 Integrated Solutions
RFID Revisited By Retail
OAT’s Director of Marketing, Alan Sherman, among experts discussing how the focus of RFID in retail has shifted to provide greater visibility into the supply chain, while reducing shipping errors and out-of-stocks.

IDC Retail Insights
Business Strategy: RFID — EAS Never Knew Loss Like This Before
Market Overview by Leslie Hand
This report serves as a guide for establishing a strategy for incorporating RFID into long-range product-level security plans.

Report available for purchase from IDC.

02.10 Apparel Magazine
Merchandise Visibility: The Future for the Apparel Industry
Merchandise visibility offers an end-to-end solution for closed-loop apparel retailers
12.22.09 The Washington Post
Inventory is challenge for stores during the holidays
The recession has forced the retail industry to recalibrate how much merchandise it should have on hand.
11.5.09 Retail EDI
RFID – Something Retailers are Looking at…
Retailers have to work harder to a.) Attract/keep customers and b.) Maintain margin. There are many ways this could be achieved, including RFID.
11.09 Retail Solutions Online
Can A Defensive Inventory Strategy Co-Exist With High Shelf Availability?
OAT’s Vice President and General Manager, Prasad Putta, discusses how Merchandise Visibility helps retailers who have dramatically reduced inventory to avoid out-of-stocks
10.30.09 Scan: The Data Capture Report
Checkpoint and Metro to Run RFID-Based EAS Trial [pdf]
The two retail giants say they are the first to test a system that complies with the recently announced GS1/EPCglobal RFID-based EAS Guides
10.27.09 Supply Chain Digest
RFID News: Will Combining Tracking and Theft Protection in One Tag Drive RFID More Aggressively into the Consumer Goods-to-Retail Value Chain? [pdf]
Metro Group to Pilot Concept with Checkpoint Systems; Could Make Incremental Cost of Item-Level RFID Modest
10.14.09 RFID Journal
GS1 Releases Guidelines for RFID-based Electronic Article Surveillance
An RFID-based EAS system is already being tested by German retailer Metro Group, using Checkpoint technology to manage inventory, and to deter and track theft.
7.9.09 RFID Journal
Airbus Issues RFID Requirements, Expands RFID Usage
All of Airbus' auto-ID projects now run on the same corporate platform provided by IBM and OATSystems.
6.2009 Stores Magazine
Like Clockwork
Swiss retailer Charles Vogele commits to item-level RFID throughout the supply chain
6.30.09 Integrated Solutions for Retailers
Seeing Through Economic Fog: How Visibility Enables Retailers to Prosper
OAT’s Vice President and General Manager, Prasad Putta, discusses how Merchandise Visibility provides valuable insight for retailers, and why it is particularly important in a challenging economic climate
6.1.09 Logistics Manager
Make ‘em sweat
New developments suggest that RFID's full potential is yet to be seen.
May/June '09 RFID Journal
An RFID Fashion Statement [pdf]
Switzerland’s Charles Vogele Group discovers that fashions tracked and managed via RFID are always in style.
4.29.09 RFID Journal
Charles Vöegele Group Finds RFID Helps It Stay Competitive
Switzerland's largest clothing retailer says that despite the economic recession, the best time for retailers and product suppliers to invest in RFID technology is now

RFID Journal
Vöegele, Vail, FOCUS and ODIN Technologies Win RFID Journal Awards
Checkpoint customer Charles Vögele Group wins prestigious RFID Journal Award for Best RFID Implementation

4.20.09 RFID Monthly
RFID Apparel Moving Forward with New Solution
The value proposition of RFID systems that can help prevent out-of-stocks, while still managing inventory appears to be good.
4.13.09 RFID Update
RFID Baby Born from Checkpoint-OATSystems Marriage
Checkpoint Systems' stated vision of offering retailers complete RFID solutions covering the supply chain to the store shelf became a reality last week when the company announced its Merchandise Visibility Solution
4.7.09 Retail Solutions Online
Using Merchandise Visibility To Gain Operational Insight From Source To Store
OAT’s Vice President and General Manager, Prasad Putta, discusses why Merchandise Visibility is critical for retailers in today’s economic environment
3.24.09 RFID Journal
Coca-Cola Bottle Maker Adds RFID to the Mix
Southeastern Container uses OATSystems' Asset Tracking solution to integrate product information with ERP system to track warehouse and inventory operations

RFID Journal
Top 12 Stories From 2008
Because Airbus is deploying RFID as an infrastructure across its enterprise, its success could provide a model for other large industrial manufacturers.


Retail Solutions Online
Navigating a Stormy Retail Environment [pdf]
RFID enables Retailers to thrive during an economic downturn, by proactively decreasing costs while increasing inventory availability.

11.08 Material Handling Management
Beyond Compliance
Industrial manufacturing is a hot market for OATSystems Inc., a provider of RFID software and middleware.
10.21.08 RFID Journal
Pacific Coast Producers Works Through Challenges to Realize Benefits
10.08 Stores Magazine
U.K. department store operator takes stock of item-level RFID
For its program, John Lewis partnered with OATSystems, a Waltham, Mass.-based RFID solutions provider.
6.26.08 Consumer Goods Technology
Checkpoint Systems to Acquire OATSystems
Checkpoint Systems Inc. enters into a definitive agreement to acquire OATSystems Inc., provider of RFID-based application software and middleware.
6.23.08 RFID Journal
Checkpoint Systems Acquires RFID Software Company OATSystems
The deal is designed to make Checkpoint Systems a one-stop shop for retailers that want to use radio frequency identification to prevent theft and reduce stock-outs.
6.23.08 Managing Automation
Checkpoint Systems to Acquire OAT
Checkpoint Systems, a provider of RFID products for inventory management and merchandise protection, announced today that it will acquire RFID application and middleware provider OATSystems.

Business & Commercial Aviation
RFID is Coming… to an airplane near you
“With a recent announcement of contract awards to IBM and OATSystems, Airbus made it clear that it will begin incorporating radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into its industrial process. The European OEM described the contract as ‘the manufacturing industry’s single largest RFID software transaction to date.’”

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6.13.08 RFID Journal
Cephalon Moves Ahead With Its RFID E-pedigree Plans
In the latest phase of its RFID deployment, the drugmaker is serializing cardboard shipping containers by means of EPC Gen 2 tags.
This container-serialization system, with software and integration provided by OATSystems, is the next in a series of steps intended to make Cephalon e-pedigree-enabled using RFID and item-level serialization by 2009.
6.6.08 RFID Switchboard
Choosing the Right Development Approach (Part 2)
(OAT’s CTO, Dr. Venkat Krishnamurthy, outlines development approaches for RFID deployments.)
6.4.08 Managing Automation
Oracle Taps OATSystems for Better Asset Visibility
New relationship “introduces OAT into Oracle applications in a much more intimate way — by allowing customers to take advantage of RFID without retooling their existing applications."
5.30.08 RFID Switchboard
Your Unique, Evolving RFID Plan (Part 1)
(OAT’s CTO, Dr. Venkat Krishnamurthy, provides recommendations for RFID-enabling business processes.)
5.28.08 Supply & Demand Chain Executive
OATSystems, Cisco Collaborate to Let Companies Take RFID beyond Basic Location Tracking
Mobility solution enables OATSystems' customers run RFID applications on Unified Wireless Network, gather detailed asset information such as location, temperature and availability.
5.21.08 Computerworld
Researcher: RFID market to hit $9.7 billion by 2013
With backing of giants like Airbus and Wal-Mart, sales are expected to grow 15% yearly.
OATSystems highlighted for providing RFID technology for Airbus’ project
5.1.08 Modern Materials Handling
Best practices: Retail displays
Manufacturers and distributors are being asked to provide store-ready displays for their retail customers. Here are some tips to do it right—without bringing your operations to a halt.
5.08 Aberdeen Group Sector Insight
Real-World RFID in Retail: “Custom Tailored” Solutions Deliver Benefits to Apparel Retailers [pdf]
Companies with current or planned RFID deployments are pursuing and achieving significant business benefits.
4.11.08 RFID Update
IBM and OAT Land Multi-Million Dollar RFID Contract
Airbus has selected IBM and OATSystems to deliver a software platform upon which the France-based aircraft manufacturer's ambitious RFID deployment will run.
4.10.08 The Boston Globe
Mass. firm to help Airbus track parts
OATSystems, IBM team up in RFID deal
4.10.08 Information Week
Airbus Inks Multi-Million Dollar RFID Software Contract
Airbus exec predicts RFID will become as common as bar coding in the aviation industry's supply chain.
4.1.08 Managing Automation
New RFID System Connects Multiple Plants
The OATenterprise platform provides real-time visibility into distributed RFID deployments, in addition to centralized management across multiple locations.
3.3.08 RFID Journal
Tyco Electronics Uses Wi-Fi for Trailer Tracking
The electronic products manufacturer is using OATSystems software and its existing Wi-Fi access points to track truck trailers with active tags at its distribution center.
3.1.08 Promo Magazine
RFID Ramp-Up
RFID allows manufacturers to “see inside the supply chain” of promotional displays
3.08 Integrated Solutions
Integrate RFID To Sharpen Supply Chain Visibility
By implementing item-level RFID (radio frequency identification) tagging, HP Brazil gained critical visibility into its supply chain, reducing printer inventory by 17%.

Frost & Sullivan
Movers & Shakers Interview
An interview with Dr. Sanjay Sarma, Chief Scientist of OATSystems Inc. and Co-founder of the Auto-ID Center. (pdf)

1.08 Apparel Magazine
Falabella's Fashion RFID Pilot
Chile-based retail giant selects OATSystems software for its RFID pilot.
1.11.08 RFID Switchboard
Flexible Design Environments Anticipate Change
(OAT’s CTO, Dr. Venkat Krishnamurthy, writes about the benefits of a flexible design environment as an alternative to off-the-shelf or custom development for RFID deployments.)
1.08 Stores Magazine
Caging Technology
Tesco implements RFID to boost supply chain efficiency. (pdf)

12.07 Consumer Goods Technology
Taking Action
To solve a complex operational problem, Kimberly-Clark partnered with OATSystems to develop a portable EPC solution.
11.15.07 Network World
RFID gets new life from small-scale apps
Asset tracking, inventory management, high-value applications are growing
(Page 4: Kimberly-Clark improved promotions effectiveness with a solution from OATSystems cited as “a model for how RFID can be applied on a relatively small-scale basis”)


RFID Journal
The Shift to Value Up Front
Over the past year, various RFID middleware vendors have turned to offering sharply focused applications that provide immediate payback to end users.
10.10.07 Supply Chain IT
OATSystems Brings Gains to TESCO and HP
In both the TESCO distribution solution and the HP manufacturing solution, RFID applications brought specific solutions to the supply chain with measurable results.
9.25.07 Modern Materials Handling
Tesco rolls out RFID solution
The British retailer has just implemented an RFID solution to identify roll cages delivering inventory to retail stores. Does this signal a new approach to RFID in the supply chain?
9.21.07 RFID Switchboard
Passive RFID Tags Active in Asset Tracking (OAT’s CTO, Dr. Venkat Krishnamurthy, writes about the benefits of passive RFID tags for asset tracking.)
9.18.07 RFID Journal
OAT Launches RFID Software for Tracking Work-in-Process
The product is designed to make it easier for companies to configure their RFID systems to track materials and goods, and to issue alerts and take other actions based on business needs.
9.18.07 InformationWeek
InformationWeek 500: Kimberly-Clark’s Virtual Product Demo Center Yields Real Ideas on How to Sell More Products
RFID On The Go
(Kimberly-Clark earns #4 spot on InformationWeek 500 list, and its deployment with OATSystems is highlighted: “Among its recent innovations, the company has partnered with OATSystems…”)
9.17.07 Managing Automation
OATSystems Delivers Out-of-the-Box RFID Asset Tracking Software
9.17.07 RFID Update
OATSystems Tags RFID Sweet Spots, WIP and Retail
9.15.07 InformationWeek
One Supplier Likes What It's Getting From Wal-Mart's RFID Push
9.07 Boston Business Journal
OAT’s CTO, Dr. Venkat Krishnamurthy, honored as one of Boston’s brightest stars
Keeping tabs
RFID technology is tracking everything from produce in the field to promotional displays on the sales floor.
8.29.07 RFID Journal
Falabella Plans Second Item-Level RFID Pilot
8.1.07 RF Design
RFID organizations support software development
(OATSystems is a member of a group of RFID technology organizations that have announced support for the open-source development of EPCglobal-compliant LLRP software libraries)
Schiff Nutrition tells the tale of the perfect RFID read rates Schiff Nutrition saw the Wal-Mart RFID mandate as a chance to gain competitive advantage. Now they’re proving that building a successful RFID infrastructure isn’t reserved for the Fortune 500.
May/June '07 RFID Journal
Excellence in RFID - pdf
Hewlett-Packard wins first-ever RFID Journal Award for Best RFID Implementation for an application built on OATSystems’ solution.
May/June '07 RFID Journal
Reporting for Duty.
Manufacturers and retailers are using reporting and analytics software to capitalize on the newfound visibility that RFID provides.
5.07 Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies Magazine
New EPC Standard For Information Services May Breathe Life Back Into RFID Market (PDF see pg. 60)
4.07 Point-of-Purchase Magazine
Real-time display tracking - PDF download
Kimberly-Clark rolls out mobile RFID in stores (Free registration required)
4.3.07 RFID Journal
RFID Journal Announces Winners of First RFID Journal Awards

(HP Brazil wins first RFID Journal Award, Best RFID Implementation, for an OAT-powered deployment)


Computing Canada
RFID middleman If you want to know where your tags are, you're going to need the right software. Here's how to choose it.
4.1.07 Electronics Supply & Manufacturing
RFID: Hold the revolution, pass the incremental change
3.07 RFID Journal March/April Cover Story
Kimberly-Clark Scores With RFID
Having Promotional Displays On The Store Floor When Ads Hit Can Boost Sales. K-C’s Brain Trust Figured Out How To Do It.
3MB pdf
3.07 Managing Automation
Asset Management Headlines RFID Conference (Free registration required)
RFID World 2007 Announcement Wrap-Up
3.21.07 RFID Journal
OATSystems Launches Solutions for Tracking In-Store Product Promotions
3.8.07 RFID Journal
RFID Heads for the End Zone
3.8.07 Business Solutions Magazine
Beyond Mandate-Driven RFID Solutions
Sports Video Group Deploys OATSystems Solution for Super Bowl RFID Asset Tracking Pilot Study
Vitamin maker adopts RFID to improve operations (Free registration required)
OATSystems' CTO mentioned as past Academy Award Winner
2.23.07 RFID Journal - Phasing In RFID
Dairy Farmers of America met Wal-Mart's tagging mandate, and the organization is now poised to reap internal benefits - download pdf
2.23.07 Dr. Dobbs Portal
Radio Frequency IDentification chips are starting to pop up everything - as if you'd know
Company hopes to tame Wal-Mart RFID requirement
Schiff Puts a New Spin on RFID Compliance
2.07 PMT - Packaging Machinery Technology
Coping with Smart Packaging
12.1.06 Mass High Tech
Hot RFID market, small biz climate big draws
10.25.06 RFID Journal
DFA RFID-Enables Its Cheese-Processing Plants
8.11.06 CIO Insight
Gillette's Fusion Launch Makes a Good Business Case for RFID
7.12.06 Technology News
Providing the ROI in RFID
5.29.06 Retail Systems Alert
RFID is Dye in the ERI Bloodstream
5.26.06 Managing Automation - News Analysis: Partners Take Pragmatic Approach To Spur RFID Adoption in CPG Space
- Go to full article
5.24.06 DCVelocity - Vendors offer retailers RFID test run for promo displays
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5.22.06 RFID Journal - Vendors Offer Free Retail Display Tracking
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04.24.06 Mass High Tech - OATSystems adds CEO, $12.5M in VC
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01.20.06 Forbes - Q&A: Marc Osofsky Of OATSystems On Extending RFID
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10.17.05 InformationWeek - Best Buy's Spin On RFID
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10.7.05 eWeek - Best Buy Initiative Will Include Item-Level RFID
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10.7.05 RFID Journal - Iriver Pushes Play With RFID
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10.05 Consumer Goods Technology - Promoting Success From Within
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10.05 Integrated Solutions For Retailers - RFID Is Not Just For Wal-Mart
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9.14.05 RFID Journal - IBM Announces Partnerships, Products
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8.19.05 Journal - OAT and ADT Drive Biopharmaceutical RFID Test
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8.9.05 RFID Journal - Cephalon Announces Item-Level Pilot