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Deploying RFID for Omni-Channel Readiness
OAT's Phil Morrow provides hands-onexpertise for implementing RFID in Omni-channel Operations – including investigating the root cause, automating DC and in-store processes, and determining how to get started quickly with minimal disruption.

1.20.2015 ChainLink Research
Retail and Supply Chain analyst firm ChainLink Research provides a comprehensive summary on new RFID technologies at NRF 2015. ChainLink's opinion is that theRFID market in Retail has finally come of age, and deployment options abound, including OAT's and Checkpoint's Supply Chain Automation and In-Store Inventory Management solutions.
1.2.15 ApparelMagazine
Five Frequently Asked Questions About RFID [pdf]
Adoption of RFID in the apparel industry is on the upswing, but confusion about the technology remains. GS1 sets the record straight about RFID reliability, read rates, cost and more. Includes an interview with Sarath Chandershaker, General Manager of Merchandise Visibility and RFID, on the growing importance of DC operations in Apparel deployments.
12.30.14 RFID 24/7
RFID Retail Deployments: 5 Resolutions for 2015
SuccessfulRFID deployments in 2015 will include aspects of process improvement, education, supply chain management, business alignment and customer-facing operations. OAT's Su Doyle discusses five areas of focus based on extensive interviews with Apparel and Fashion retailers.
11.3.14 Apparel Magazine
Beyond Replenishment: 3 Tipping Points for RFID in Fashion
On-Shelf Availability has been a key driver for RFID Apparel deployments. But for Fashion Retailers, being out-of-stock is a good thing. OAT's Su Doyle discusses other driving factors for RFID adoption in the Fashion industry: Omni-channel fulfillment, the addition of "up market" merchandise, and national and global retail store expansions.
10.16.14 DC Velocity
What Will RFID Be When it Grows Up?
Overview of RFID's advance in supply chain and manufacturing applications, mentions OAT's work in composite material tracking.
10.11.14 Manufacturing Business Technology
4 Trends for A&D Value Chains – New Opportunities, New Challenges
OAT's Su Doyle discusses how Aerospace OEMs, Suppliers and MRO Providers are using RFID to manage new programs, advanced aircraft materials, additive manufacturing and component proliferation in MRO operations.
10.7.14 Progressive Grocer
Addressing Grocers' Supply Chain Challenges with RFID
Grocers are looking at sense and respond technologies such as RFID to manage more complex, perishable inventory and to ensure food safety.
9.8.14 Integrated Solutions for Retailers
Six Best Practices for Effective Source Tagging
OAT's Su Doyle discusses the win-win value proposition for manufacturers and retailers when source tagging goods with RF or RFID sensors.
8.27.14 Pharmacy Times
Local Angles, Future Vision Draw Boston Media at NACDS Total Store Expo
OATSystems Alan Sherman interviewed by Boston Globe and WBZ News Radio
8.25.14 NACDS-TV: Total Store Expo
Total Store Expo
(Video - forward to 4:50)
8.15.14 Boston Business Journal
Waltham firm designing the drugstores of the future, spurred by federal law
7.1.14 Modern Materials Handling
RFID Guides Manufacturer to Timely Landings
OAT Customer ATK is using RFID to track perishable composite materials and custom tooling, as they manufacture aerostructures for the Airbus A350, a new aircraft entering commercial service in 2014.
6.18.14 Xerafy Blog
Redefining RTLS and RFID Asset Tracking in Healthcare
OAT's Duncan McCollum and Su Doyle outline the different applications of Auto-ID technology in Healthcare, from tracking capital asset movement with RTLS, to automating critical processes with Passive RFID.
6.11.14 RFID Journal
Middle Eastern Aircraft Services Company Gains Efficiency with RFID
UAE MRO provider ADAT deploys OATSystems RFID software to track aircraft parts and work orders across a 1 million sq ft facility, improving quality, throughput and customer service.
5.30.14 Apparel Magazine
Omnichannel in Action: Driving Visibility and Efficiency through Item Level RFID
OATSystems GM Sarath Chandershaker outlines how RFID provides the real-time inventory infrastructure to deliver the promise of Omni-channel retailing.
5.14 Modern Materials Handling
RFID and the supply chain: Measured progress
OAT's Su Doyle outlines critical process areas for RFID deployments in supply chain and logistics, including exception handling for inbound receiving.
5.14 Integrated Solutions for Retailers
Improved Inventory Accuracy Clinches the Business Case for Item-Level RFID
OAT's Raj Jayaraman discusses the impact of RFID-enabled inventory accuracy on improving customer experience and retailer profitability.
4.25.14 RFID Journal
What You Need To Know About RFID Overhead Readers
OAT's Alan Sherman explains the benefits of overhead readers in retail environments, such as luxury stores and shopping malls.
4.22.14 ChainLink Research Blog
Show recap of RFID Journal 2014 includes detail on Checkpoint's Merchandise Visibility strategy and 1100+ store implementation at Kohl's using OAT Software.
4.16.14 RFID Journal
Checkpoint Partners with Mojix to Offer Passive RTLS in Stores
This system, using OAT Foundation Suite software, is being tested by a high-value apparel retailer to make inventory tracking for replenishment and business analytics "hands-free".
4.11.14 RFID 24-7
Airbus and Marks & Spencer update RFID initiatives
OAT Customer Airbus discusses their decision to expand RFID part marking across their aircraft fleet.
3.30.14 RFID Journal
How to Choose a Passive UHF Handheld Reader
OAT's Jonathan Gregory talks about the importance of compliance, connectivity and environmental concerns when choosing handheld RFID readers.
2.25.14 RFID Journal
New Stainless-Steel Ultra-rugged Tag Promises Durability for Health Care, Oil and Gas
At the HIMMS 14 Healthcare Show, OAT, Xerafy and Motorola launch a surgical tool tracking solution. OAT's Chris Forgione discusses how hospitals are automating critical processes with RFID, including the sterilization, inspection and kitting of surgical instruments.
2.19.14 RFID Journal
Best Practices for Rolling Out RFID
AT Professional Services Director Sarabjeet Chhatwal discusses deployment methodology for enterprise RFID rollouts, based on a recent 1000-store implementation at a North American Department Store and an 18-country implementation at an EU Specialty Retailer.
2.19.14 RFID 24-7
Apparel retailer deploys RFID across 18 countries
An apparel and leisure retailer deploys OAT RFID software for inventory management and loss prevention.
1.14.14 RFID Journal
Kohl's Rolls Out RFID for Select Product Categories at Its Stores
Department store Kohl's has completed its installation of a radio frequency identification solution to track garments in select categories at its stores, as well as distribution centers. The technology was deployed by Checkpoint Systems, which provided OAT Foundation Suite middleware, integration, hardware, tags and labels.
1.14.14 RFID 24-7
Kohl's Rolls Out RFID
Kohl's deploys Checkpoint's Merchandise Visibility enterprise software, based on the OAT Foundation Suite, across 1000 stores.
12.3.13 RFID 24-7
Retail RFID Moves From Technology To Store Processes
OAT's Kris Doane discusses the importance of actionable compliance in RFID Deployments.
9.13 Manufacturing Engineering
Trends Driving RFID Adoption in Aerospace and Defense
Customer-facing operations, regulatory pressure, advanced materials and new programs are some of the market forces driving adoption of RFID. Chris Forgione, OAT Senior Director of Asset Tracking, discusses why the complexity of Aerospace and Defense operations is well-suited for RFID process automation.
8.28.13 Manufacturing Business Technology
Five Enterprise Trends Driving RFID in Manufacturing
Chris Forgione, OAT Sr. Director of Asset Tracking, discusses why reshoring, design-to-delivery, customer-facing operations, product innovation and working capital allocation are driving RFID adoption in manufacturing operations.
7.13 Apparel Magazine
Accuracy In Action: Item-Level RFID Takes Off
Checkpoint customer C&A featured in article about how apparel brands and retailers are embracing item-level RFID and achieving significant benefits. Includes Vendor Viewpoint with Prasad Putta, Executive VP & General Manager of Merchandise Visibility and RFID. [Article as pdf]
5.29.13 Healthcare Technology Online
Five Common Myths About Asset Tracking In Healthcare
Chris Forgione, OATSystems' Senior Director of Asset Tracking debunks misconceptions about RTLS and RFID in Healthcare and outlines how primary care providers, laboratories, pharmaceutical firms and medical device manufacturers can best benefit from real-time visibility.
5.14.13 RFID Journal
ATK Tracks Composite Aircraft Parts Manufactured at its Plant
Aerostructures mfr ATK prepares for growth in composites manufacturing for Airbus, GE Aviation and Rolls-Royce, using OAT RFID solution to track materials and tooling.
5.9.13 RFID Journal
OATSystems to Provide RFID Asset-Tracking Equipment and Software to Veterans Hospitals
Selected as subcontractor to HP Enterprise Services' contract with VA to automate and improve operations and services
3.29.13 RFID Journal
C&A Expands RFID Usage to Track Inventory
Checkpoint customer C&A expands RFID implementation from five to 25 stores to improve supply chain visibility and in-store inventory.
1.7.13 RFID Journal
Cessna Looks to RFID for Unlimited Visibility
Cessna has deployed an RFID Tool Tracking project with OATSystems to track precision tools at its Wichita metal-bonding facility, where aircraft fuselage, wing and tail assemblies are manufactured.
January 2013 Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance
RFID Developments [pdf]
Aerospace OEMs, MROs and component suppliers, as well as hardware and software companies, have started to investigate RFID's potential for automating aviation processes.
11.1.12 Composites Manufacturing Online
RFID and Composites Automated Manufacturing Processes
Anurag Nagpal, OATSystems' Director of Systems Engineering discusses aircraft manufacturing trends and how RFID can help automate the tracking of composite prepreg from storage freezers to layup and autoclave processes.
9.3.12 IDC Community Insights
RFID for Better Store Level Inventory Replenishment (and other Retail Use Cases)
IDC Retail Insights' Research Director, Leslie Hand, discusses the benefits of RFID for retail
7.23.12 RFID Journal
Portuguese Airline TAPs into RFID
OATSystems customer TAP, Portugal's national airline, deploys an RFID solution using OATSystems software and system integration which it considers to be "...a system that can serve as a model for others to adopt."
July 2012 Apparel Magazine
Vendor Viewpoint
Prasad Putta, Checkpoint's Executive VP and General Manager of Merchandise Visibility and RFID, discusses RFID in apparel retail. Accompanies Technology Report, "From Procurement to Sales, RFID is the Future of Retail". (free registration required)
6.12 Integrated Solutions for Retailers
The New Brains of EAS
Checkpoint's Senior Director of Global Marketing, Merchandise Visibility & Apparel Labeling Solutions, Alan Sherman, discusses Electronic Article Surveillance and RFID for retail applications. (free registration required)
4.9.12 RFID 24-7
$1M RFID Challenge - TAP Air Portugal
TAP Portugal has deployed an RFID-based system from OATSystems into its daily engine maintenance operations, a move that will save the company more than $2.5 million Euros each year.
4.13.12 RFID Journal
Bell Helicopter's On-Time Delivery Rate Climbs Higher
The aircraft manufacturer is managing the movement of parts from a central warehouse to each production location, using an RFID solution from OATSystems.
March/April 2012 RFID Journal
RFID's Coming of Age - Reflections from RFID Leaders
OATSystems co-founder and Executive VP and General Manager of Merchandise Visibility and RFID Prasad Putta among other RFID industry leaders to share insights and perspectives.
3.2.12 RFID 24-7
Checkpoint Apparel Day Reinforces Item-Level Momentum
Checkpoint's General Manager of Europe, Rafael Alegre, comments in a guest blog on the stunning gains retailers are reaping from RFID.
2.24.12 RFID Journal
Checkpoint Systems Launches New Tags, Encoding Solutions
Introduced to serve the growing number of apparel retailers and their suppliers seeking to deploy RFID to increase sales, reduce out-of-stocks and enhance loss-prevention efforts.
2.14.12 RFID Journal
RFID Takes Wing at Composite Aircraft Components Plant
A U.S. aircraft parts manufacturer has adopted an RFID solution from Xerafy and OATSystems to track composite materials and molds exposed to extreme temperatures during storage and production.
2.1.12 RFID Journal
How to Integrate RFID Data Without Disrupting Your Business
OAT's EVP and General Manager, Prasad Putta quoted in article about how to get RFID data and business applications to work together.
1.27.12 TAP Air Portugal News Release
RFID in Full Operation at TAP Maintenance & Engineering Lisbon-based TAP, operating over 2250 flights per week to 75 destinations, is using OAT RFID Software and Airbus methodology to track aircraft engine components during maintenance and overhaul (MRO) operations. It is anticipated that this technology will enable savings of over €2.5 million annually.
1.27.12 SCAN: The Data Capture Report
Zebra and Checkpoint Combine Strengths in RFID
Strategic alliance will enable Zebra to add OATSystems' RFID software platform expertise to its location solutions to extend enterprise visibility.
1.27.12 Bloor Research
RFID Analysis
Recent announcement brings together Zebra's active location solutions with the passive RFID, auto-ID, Wi-Fi and sensor capabilities of Checkpoint division OATSystems' OATxpress middleware to provide increased asset visibility across an enterprise.
1.13.12 VDC Research
Why the Zebra and OATSystems/Checkpoint Partnership is a Good Fit
The complementary nature of this relationship along with the benefits for each firm makes this a win-win.
1.12.12 RFID Journal
Zebra, OAT Partner on Solutions Combining Passive and Active Tags
The companies will incorporate OATSystems' passive RFID middleware into Zebra Technologies' existing RTLS products, enabling customers to track goods and assets using active and passive RFID on a single platform.
11.3.11 RFID Journal
Rockwell Collins Explores Ways to Benefit from RFID
OATSystems customer Rockwell Collins implements RFID to comply with the requirements of Airbus, one of its key customers, and to improve its own operations.
10.26.11 RFID Journal
Retailers Say Shrinkage Rose in 2011
RFID Journal editor Mark Roberti blogs about RFID's potential impact on retail shrink reduction, cites data from the Global Retail Theft Barometer, underwritten by Checkpoint.
8.1.11 Integrated Solutions for Retailers
Four Keys to Determining a Retailer's Fit for RFID-Based EAS
Checkpoint's Director of Marketing, Merchandise Visibility Solutions, Alan Sherman, discusses why apparel and footwear retailers are best-suited to adopt RFID-based EAS.

VDC Research Auto ID & Transaction Automation Analysts Blog
EAS Gets a Boost from RFID
Checkpoint Systems recently introduced its Overhead RFID EAS system, a packaged solution that combines EAS with RFID.

6.13.11 Retail Reseller News
RFID on the Ceiling [pdf]
Checkpoint developed its Overhead EAS Solution to address the need of apparel retailers to leverage RFID both to maintain inventory control and reduce shrink.

RFID Journal
Checkpoint Systems Offers RFID Security for Retail Stores Features RFID interrogators installed on (or in) ceilings above doorways, to read RFID tags as they exit a store.

4.25.11 RFID Journal
Corralling Stray Reads
Checkpoint's Senior Director of Merchandise Visibility Solutions, Raj Jayaraman, discusses the importance of stray read-filtering to ensure a high degree of data accuracy at fixed read points in retail stores.
4.25.11 Computerworld
Retail RFID Initiatives are Flourishing
Leslie Hand, IDC Retail Insights analyst, notes increased level of RFID activity among retailers, suppliers, academics, and vendors.
4.15.11 RFID Journal
RFID News Roundup
OATSystems, CSC Partner on Part-Marking Package for Airbus.
4.15.11 SCAN: The Data Capture Report
Parker Hannifin Adopts OATSystems Software
$11-billion manufacturer recently decided to use OATSystems' ATA Spec2000 solution as a starting point for its adoption of RFID. [Article as pdf]
3.18.11 RFID Journal
A Flurry of High-Memory Tags Take Flight
OATSystems, a provider of complete RFID solutions for Airbus and its suppliers including Parker Hannifin, is offering an aerospace parts-tagging solution. [Article as pdf]
2.27.11 Apparel Magazine
Using Item-level RFID to Reduce Out-of-Stocks and Increase Sales
Checkpoint's Global VP of Marketing, Steve Sell, discusses the challenges apparel retailers face in managing inventory, and how RFID can help optimize inventory and working capital, meet customer demand and maximize sales and profits.
1.28.11 SCAN: The Data Capture Report
Checkpoint Launches Open EPC Number Management Solution [pdf]
Has developed a stand-alone number management solution that frees retailers and their suppliers to purchase RFID labels from any Service Bureau Provider.
1.19.11 RFID Journal
Checkpoint Systems Launches EPC Numbering Service
Standalone option for apparel manufacturers and retailers is designed to simplify the process of deploying item-level EPC Gen 2 UHF tags
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