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OAT Solutions

Across the value chain, enterprises are increasingly relying on a variety of systems to monitor, manage, and improve operational processes. OATSystems solutions deliver real-time, actionable visibility to these systems, leveraging IT investments and existing business processes.

Integrated Value Chain Solutions

OAT Integrated Solutions address two key value chains:

1. Merchandise Visibility for Retailers

2. Supply Chain Visibility for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Sales & Service organizations

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturers are wringing costs out of their operations, optimizing efficiency and throughput with process improvement, LEAN initiatives, and a variety of systems that improve scheduling, manufacturing execution, and process control.

OAT Manufacturing Solutions automate and error-proof plant floor operations by adding real-time visibility to ERP, WMS, MES and supply chain execution systems.

A leading Consumer Products Manufacturer worked with OAT to real-time enable their enterprise systems, providing supply chain visibility across 20 manufacturing facilities and major retail partners in North America and Europe.





Distribution Solutions

Distributors are similarly focused on enhancing their operations in goods receiving, cross docking, repackaging, shipping, and more to reduce costs and drive efficiency. They are also leveraging operational and warehouse management systems to accomplish their goals.

OAT Distribution Solutions automate and error-proof warehousing and logistics operations by adding real-time visibility to WMS, ERP and supply chain execution systems.

OAT real-time enabled distribution processes for a Life Sciences company, enabling them to track millions of perishable, time-sensitive medical specimens across multiple testing facilities and delivery vehicles.

Sales & Service Solutions

Sales and service operations – including heavy equipment dealers, reverse logistics providers, and retailers – are also driving costs out of their receiving, sales, maintenance, inventory, and delivery processes, all in an effort to increase revenue, reduce complexity, and enhance the bottom line.

OAT Sales & Service Solutions automate and error-proof wholesale, retail, maintenance & repair and reverse logistics operations by adding real-time visibility to WMS, ERP, MRO, Point-of-Sale and supply chain execution systems.

OAT real-time enabled an International Fashion Retailer’s inventory systems, automating shipping, receiving and stock replenishment, resulting in increased shelf availability of high margin apparel items.
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