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Consumer Products Manufacturers

For CP companies, the real benefits of RFID occur when moving beyond a basic "slap and ship" approach to automation and analytics. Automation minimizes the cost of applying RFID tags and analytics deliver value from EPC data shared by retailers.. With its highly reliable automated tagging solution, OAT offers the easiest, most cost-effective way to fulfill retailer mandates. Additional OAT solutions capture previously unavailable business intelligence across the supply chain, enabling real-time planning and execution to better meet retailer and consumer demands.

Automated Tagging
Tagging requirements are increasing as retailers continue to roll out and expand their RFID initiatives. OAT’s tag@source solution applies tags quickly and accurately as cases roll off the production line, eliminating the expense and errors of manual tagging. With over 12 million products tagged, it is the world’s most widely-deployed automated tagging solution, available in a variety of open configurations.

Mobile Asset Tracking
Now you can ensure that shipments are delivered to the right location at the right time. Mobile Asset Tracking automatically monitors pallets, dollies, and shipping containers as they move through the supply chain – providing centralized “air traffic control” that reports arrivals and spots deviations instantly.

Better Returns on Promotions
How can you improve the effectiveness of your in-store promotions? Answer: OAT’s Real-time Promotion Execution, providing centralized tracking as promotional displays and inventory move from the back room, onto the sales floor, and (using POS data) into the hands of the customer. Managing promotions becomes proactive, allowing immediate corrective action to ensure the campaign is working according to plan.

Making Sense of RFID Data
EPC Data Analysis helps consumer products companies understand the significance of RFID data sent back from retailers, and how it relates to other internal and external data. The result: CP companies are able to leverage RFID data to recognize demand patterns, take preemptive action to avoid stock-outs, and better satisfy the needs of their retail customers.

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