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OAT Cycle Counting

The fast pace of business demands sense-and-respond inventory management. In Manufacturing, Just-in-Time Inventory drives Made-to-Order product assembly. In Healthcare, Pharmaceutical supply chains and primary care providers must actively manage time-sensitive inventory of medical supplies and consumables at point of use.

ERP, WMS, POS and dedicated replenishment systems optimize inventory management, but without accurate, up-to-the minute information, they can't respond quickly enough to meet demand. OAT Cycle Counting informs these systems with Auto-ID technology, automating stock taking with mobile devices, enabling real-time inventory status updates and triggering replenishment orders.

OAT Cycle Counting:

  • Enables staff to update inventory counts quickly by scanning stockrooms with RFID handhelds, eliminating line-of-sight requirements
  • Compares on-hand inventory with expected inventory for each location using Web Services
  • Updates enterprise systems with actual inventory figures to trigger replenishment
  • Provides configurable alerts to prevent misplaced inventory and shipment errors
  • Enables advanced supply chain execution features of a WMS, ERP, TMS or planning module


  • Increased frequency of cycle counts results in near 100% perpetual inventory accuracy
  • Reduced labor costs for cycle counting
    • No need to shut down operations for days while inventory is being manually verified
    • Staff spends less time stock keeping, more time with customers
  • Better product availability while holding reduced inventory

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