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OAT Yard Management

Tracking trailers, railcars and finished goods beyond the walls of a manufacturing facility can be particularly challenging. Real-time enabling WMS, Logistics and Asset Management systems with Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, GPS and RTLS technology can provide critical visibility to yard operations.

OAT leveraged a component manufacturer’s Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide real-time tracking of delivery trucks. The manufacturer realized a 300%+ ROI based on labor savings from automated loading, unloading and manifesting, along with recovery of lost material.

OAT Yard Management leverages existing systems, processes and infrastructure to automate and error proof yard management processes including: Trailer Dispatch, Check-in/Check-out, Cross-Docking, Order Fulfillment and Inventory Replenishment. Automating these processes can dramatically cut costs and increase efficiencies by reducing search time, yard checks, detentions and expedite costs.


  • Automates check-in and check-out of trailers as they arrive, exit or move to specific zones within the yard
  • Instantly locates trailers, finished goods and contents
  • Compares trailer contents with manifests, ASNs and work orders
  • Updates inventory and places replenishment orders as needed
  • Provides automated tracking & reliable identification of high-value finished goods, such as automobiles, in sales and service operations
  • Flags rush orders by comparing order number and special instructions
  • Quarantines and tracks non-scheduled shipments


  • Significantly reduces error rates, correction processes and 3rd party service costs
  • Minimizes driver and trailer detention time
  • Reduces operational labor costs by focusing staff on exception handling vs. administrative paperwork
  • Minimizes the need for extra trailers, safety stock and expedite costs
  • Reduces discounting that occurs when a finished good is not readily available
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