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OAT has pioneered the use of RFID in industrial applications, helping provide faster output, reduced labor costs, and improved forecasting and planning. OAT solutions track parts and assemblies through the production cycle, with direct interfaces to back end systems that enable a new level of control over manufacturing operations.

OAT solutions are available in flexible configurations that best fit production requirements. tag@source provides fast, reliable automated tagging, whether at the end-item level, trays of components, or completed assemblies. Mobile Asset Tracking automatically tracks the movement of tagged assets from the warehouse, through all key production stages, and into the distribution chain. Work In Process Tracking streamlines operations and accelerates output in a manufacturing environment.

OAT has a lead role in one of the most exciting developments in RFID: solutions for “Product DNA” that provide an accurate, complete record of components and assemblies as they come together into a finished product. EPC data captured as items move through production stages is linked with data from testing and quality control systems to provide a detailed, auditable history of manufacturing activity.

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