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OAT Automated Goods Receipt

Supply chain execution best practices start at the source of the value chain: Inbound Receiving.

Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) streamline receiving, but processes are still prone to errors from manual inspection and barcoding. Assumed receipt of inbound orders can lead to inventory discrepancies that are not discovered until they become critical issues downstream. OAT Automated Goods Receipt streamlines and error-proofs the receipt and verification of incoming goods with Auto-ID Technology, integrated with ERP and Supply Chain Execution Systems.

OAT leveraged an electronic component manufacturer’s Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide real-time tracking of delivery trucks. The manufacturer realized a 300%+ ROI based on labor savings from automated loading, unloading and manifesting, along with recovery of lost material.


  • Provides automated tracking & reliable identification of shipments as they are received
  • Compares received goods with content manifest or ASN
  • Flags rush orders by comparing order number and special instructions
  • Expedites rush orders
  • Quarantines and track non-scheduled shipments


  • Significantly reduces error rates and costly correction processes
  • Reduces operational labor costs by focusing staff on exception handling vs. administrative paperwork
  • Minimizes the need for safety stock and expedite costs to cover lost shipments
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