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OAT Directed Putaway

Streamlining warehouse operations can have a direct impact on operating costs and cost of goods sold. Manufacturers and distributors are leveraging the advanced functionality of ERP and WMS systems to optimize warehousing processes. OAT Directed Putaway further enhances these solutions by automating and confirming receipt and putaway with Auto-ID technology, reducing handling time, process errors and labor costs.

OAT real-time enabled Warehouse Logistics processes for an Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer, resulting in a 75% reduction in handling time for inbound receiving.



  • Provides real-time visibility into product movement, integrated with WMS and ERP systems
  • Provides configurable alerts to prevent misplaced inventory and shipment errors
  • Enables advanced supply chain execution features of a WMS, ERP, TMS or planning module
  • Enables advanced WMS capabilities such as interweaving, direct putaway, cross docking


  • Reduced cycle time and movement costs
  • Reduced handling costs
  • Reduced search time and expedite costs
  • Leverages existing enterprise systems, processes and Wi-Fi infrastructure
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