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OAT tag@sourceTM

Proven Automated RFID Tagging

OAT tag@source is a complete, automated, in-line tagging solution for applying RFID tags to products within production and packaging facilities. By providing accurate, reliable tagging at the source, manufacturers meet compliance mandates, minimize the cost of applying tags, and gain visibility into product movement for sales and promotions.

Customers have tagged over 12 million products to date—over a half million RFID tags monthly at 28 production lines, making OAT tag@source the world’s most widely deployed automated tagging solution. OAT tag@source reflects RFID best practices developed across these deployments in a mature offering that enables manufacturers

OAT tag@source includes all necessary process steps including encoding, applying, verifying, pallet building, shipping, and any needed rework. It’s built on the OAT Foundation Suite—OAT's market-leading, SOA-based RFID Framework, with proven integration into existing warehouse and manufacturing systems, and validated on IBM’s Premises Server.

Available in a variety of open configuration options, OAT tag@source is delivered by top RFID integrators, application hardware providers, and reader manufacturers from OAT’s partner network. With unmatched experience in RIFD technology and automated tagging, OAT works closely with the deployment team to ensure a smooth delivery.

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