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Retailers worldwide are adopting RFID, and OAT is setting the pace. Engagements with twelve of the world’s largest retailers, along with dozens of their suppliers, have resulted in the development of market-leading RFID solutions that are helping retailers reduce labor costs, prevent pick errors, improve inventory visibility, and react faster to market demands.

OAT provides RFID solutions for a wide variety of retail environments. OAT’s Out-of-Stock solution analyzes sample EPC data to discover why out of stocks are occurring, then ensures appropriate stocking levels with automated tracking. In the distribution chain, Mobile Asset Tracking and Electronic Proof of Delivery track receipt of pallets or cases in the distribution center and on to individual stores. Real-time Promotion Execution tracks the effectiveness of in-store promotions, so you (and your suppliers) know what works and what doesn’t.

OAT also provides solutions geared to specific retail segments. For grocers, for example, OAT’s Fresh Item Management solution guards against temperature violations as produce moves through the cold chain. Integration with POS processes allows more accurate forecasting, as well as automated discounting based on shelf life that eliminates the need for manual inspections and markdowns.

Retailers specializing in apparel know how hard it is to maintain an accurate inventory of styles, sizes, and colors – especially for highly desired items. Item Level Cycle Counts automatically records an accurate count of items by location – including previously opaque areas such as fitting rooms – preventing hidden out of stocks, overstocks, and unexplained shrinkage.

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