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OAT Sales & Service Solutions

OAT Sales & Service Solutions add real-time visibility to WMS, ERP, MRO, Point-of-Sale and supply chain execution systems, automating and error-proofing wholesale, retail, maintenance & repair and reverse logistics operations.

A leading Consumer Products company worked with OAT to real-time enable their enterprise systems, providing supply chain visibility across 20 facilities and major retail partners in North America and Europe.

OAT Sales & Service Solutions include Reusable Asset Tracking to track reusable containers, associated with customer orders or maintenance work orders, from pick and ship to customer site. Automated Goods Receipt improves sales and service operations by ensuring goods are received correctly from the start. Merchandise Visibility integrated value chain solutions reduce stock-outs and increase sales.

By real-time enabling existing enterprise systems, processes and IT infrastructure, OAT Sales & Service Solutions enable you to optimize your operations quickly and cost-effectively.

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