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Real-Time Promotion Execution

Measure ongoing performance – and know where to take action

Study after study – as well as the day-to-day experiences of manufacturers and retailers – show that returns on trade promotions are far less than satisfactory. Promotion displays don’t get delivered to stores; displays don’t get moved to the sales floor until well after the start of the promotion period; and stores pre-sell promotion inventory, leaving no inventory to fulfill the promotion uplift.

By providing visibility into the movement of promotion displays and inventories, OAT’s Real-time Promotion Execution (RPE) solution enables consumer products manufacturers and retailers to dramatically increase promotion effectiveness and sell-through. You know which displays made it to a particular store, which displays made it onto the sales floor on time, and which displays have product inventory available – all in near real time.

This information is integrated across many stores and examined using OAT’s analytical tools to measure promotion performance by region, store, advertising, sales uplift, and timing. Promotions finally become a well-measured cost center that can be monitored and tuned as events unfold. Because you know which stores are not executing, you can take corrective action quickly – rather than waiting days or weeks for audit results which are incomplete at best.

Mobile Tag

Remote Tagging Station for Promotional Displays

RFID has been shown to dramatically improve the effectiveness of in-store promotions. But most promotional displays are prepared and distributed by third-party marketing agencies. When a promotion involves hundreds or thousands of stores, consumer products companies need to have confidence that tags are actually being used and the correct numbers applied.

OAT’s Mobile Tagis a portable solution for printing EPC tags at a promotions company, which then applies the tags before shipping displays to individual stores or back to the manufacturer’s DC. Tags are read as displays go out the door, and an electronic record of tag numbers, associated displays, destination, and contents is sent back to the consumer products company. The displays can then be tracked as they are received into the store back room and onto the sales floor using OAT’s Real-time Promotion Execution solution.

The Mobile Tag solution includes OATxpress software running on a laptop PC as well as a tagging station that OAT helps deploy.

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