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Increase Shelf Availability

OAT delivered a “Supply chain traffic control system” for a multi-national retailer’s EU distribution center, alerting operators to potential shipping errors with lights and alarms at each dock door.

Optimizing merchandise availability and increasing revenues

OATSystems helps retailers to ensure that merchandise is on the shelf where customers expect it, leveraging the following solutions:

Automated Item-Level Cycle Counting:
By failing to have the right product in the right place at the right time, retailers risk losing the sale, and the customer entirely. With OATSystems solution incorporating mobile RFID devices, store associates can perform cycle counts in seconds, to determine merchandise availability, replenishment needs, and stock anomalies requiring further investigation. These capabilities eliminate the labor and costs associated with manual cycle counting, and dramatically improve customer service.

Out-of-Stock Analysis and Prevention:
Out-of-stock items represent billions of dollars in lost sales annually. This OATSystems solution identifies, diagnoses, and helps avoid out-of-stock conditions that lead to lost sales. It can also be used to automate replenishment orders, further streamlining inventory management.

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