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Loss prevention and inventory visibility at the point-of-exit.

What's Up? Checkpoint's RFID Overhead EAS Solution.

Checkpoint's RFID Overhead EAS Solution delivers benefits both for loss prevention and inventory visibility at the point-of-exit. It includes overhead RFID hardware with specialized onboard filtering software and new RFID hard tags and labels.

RFID Overhead EAS is a key component of an integrated solution delivering real-time inventory and related benefits, while serving as an enhanced EAS system, improving operations at the point-of-exit. It leverages open-standards RFID technology and delivers several new, important benefits for apparel retailers:

  • Leverages a single RFID tag for inventory visibility and loss prevention
    The Overhead Solution uses one tag for multiple purposes, increasing efficiency at the point-of-sale and cost effectiveness over the long-term.
  • Provides an open entrance
    Installed either suspended from the ceiling or filly concealed within it, the Overhead Solution provides a new option for store design teams that want an open entrance.
  • Enables retailers to know what was stolen
    The Overhead Solution enables retailers to actually know what was stolen, the quantity and the dollar value, helping them to maintain shelf availability, enhancing the customer's buying experience and increasing sales.
  • Enables retailers to fight all sources of theft
    Apparel retailers now have the potential to distinguish among the actions more typical of a casual shoplifter from a professional thief or organized retail theft group, enabling them to take action based on the size and scope of the event.
  • Enhances theft deterrence
    Combined with checkpoint's Merchandise Visibility Solution™, warns shoplifters of the presence of a more sophisticated system that can provide information about theft, causing them to recalculate the risk.
  • Increases alarm integrity
    By leveraging encoded tags, retailers benefit from the Overhead Solution's ability to "ignore" tags from other retailers, increasing associate compliance to alarms, and improving customer satisfaction.

The RFID Overhead EAS Solution builds on the success of Checkpoint's high performance series of RF and dual RF/RFID systems, and encompasses hardware, software and tags. A key advantage is a unique combination of patented hardware and software technology called Wirama Radar™, which ensures data integrity by eliminating stray reads. This technology uniquely enables Checkpoint to deliver unprecedented accuracy and context in reporting the location and directionality of movement of tagged merchandise, providing insight much like commercial radar informs air traffic controllers, meteorologists and the military, while adhering to EPC global standards.



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