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Checkpoint's Merchandise Visibility Solution

Checkpoint’s Merchandise Visibility Solution leverages the combined strengths of the company’s capabilities in shrink management to deliver a complete solution to enable retailers to address their critical inventory management needs.

Labels and Delivery
Checkpoint RFID tags can be delivered to the customer factory location using the Check-Net service bureau leveraging print shops worldwide. The tags can be applied directly to merchandise so they can be read through the supply chain.

Hardware and Software
As tagged merchandise passes through a portal or is scanned by a hand-held reader, information about the garment’s location is captured by the OAT RFID software, verified against expected quantities and descriptions, and fed into a retailer’s inventory management system for real-time insight and action.


Improve margin and sales
Improves inventory accuracy through inventory visibility
Reduces out-of-stocks and lost sales
Cost-effectively enables retailers to replenish merchandise and drive sales

Reduce Store Operations Cost
Improves operational and labor efficiencies
Decreases non-working inventory
Reduces need for safety stock, and working capital requirements

Improve customer experience
Ensures the right merchandise is in the right place, at the right time available for purchase
Enables associates to better assist customers rather than manage inventory issues

Improve accountability for outsourced operations
Provides insight into business operations outside of the retailer’s four walls

Streamlined Operations
Reduces number of garments per delivery
Speeds re-order of fast moving items
Optimizes operations

Currently being implemented in distribution centers, back rooms and storefronts around the globe, RFID revolutionizes the way retailers track inventory by moving it from a multi-day ordeal to a real-time operation. In short, RFID dramatically improves inventory management giving consumers better access to their favorite products when they need them.

- Aim Global Industry Brief: RFID Technology in Action: The Retail Sector 2008


Checkpoint brings together a complete solution:

  • Source Management
  • Shipment Validation/ASN-Based Receiving
  • Inventory Updates in Back Room and on Sales Floor
  • Cycle Counting and Shelf Put-Away
  • Shrink Management, Updating Perpetual Inventory
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