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Merchandise Visibility in the palm of your hands

Reduce out-of-stocks with a solution optimized for ease of deployment

Despite the many benefits of merchandise visibility, retailers typically do not implement a global deployment right off the bat. That’s why Checkpoint developed the Handheld Visibility solution for retailers to easily prove the return on investment and obtain a starting point for a global merchandise visibility deployment.

The Handheld Visibility solution is optimized for ease of installation, deployment and use, while allowing retailers to track and manage a wealth of item-level information. Handheld Visibility to includes everything retailers need to get started, including service and support to install, configure and learn how to operate the solution, and customization to the retailer’s technology infrastructure, business model and budget.

As a stand-alone solution, it can be deployed without impacting the retailer’s IT systems or network, and also minimizes the impact on store operations.

Retailers can be up and running in a matter of hours...

...with the following processes RFID-enabled:

  • Item tagging and association
  • Item receiving
  • Inventory counting
  • Point of sale
  • Retirement
  • Customer returns

With the Handheld Visibility solution, retailers will experience:

  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Increased sales
  • Reduced out-of-stocks
  • Increased store efficiency

This solution is an ideal first step for retailers who want to work with a partner that has the capabilities to implement a global rollout, including source tagging, in-store deployment and support, hardware, and software.

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