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Integrated Value Chain Solutions

OATSystems delivers integrated solutions that address two key value chains:

  1. Merchandise Visibility for Retailers
  2. Supply Chain Visibility for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Sales & Service organizations

Merchandise Visibility
The Merchandise Visibility Solution leverages the combined strengths of Checkpoint’s capabilities in hardware, software, labels, and services to deliver a complete solution to enable retailers to address their critical inventory management needs.

OATSystems’ software is the core platform on which this solution is built.

Merchandise Visibility incorporates a variety of capabilities for retailers, including:

  • Source Management at point of manufacture
  • Shipment Validation/ASN-Based Receiving in distribution
  • Inventory Updates and Cycle Counting on the retail sales floor

This solution improves on-shelf availability, increasing retailers’ margins, and sales, while reducing operating costs.

Supply Chain Visibility
The Supply Chain Visibility Solution real-time enables critical processes for Manufacturers, Distributors, Logistics Companies, and Sales & Service organizations, including:

  • Reusable Asset (RTI) Tracking
  • Shipment Validation/ASN-Based Receiving
  • Line-side Replenishment

This solution delivers real-time information to key enterprise systems, eliminating the latency that often diminishes their value. By reflecting the reality of the operation, users benefit from streamlining processes, increasing efficiencies, and improving their bottom line.

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