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Bringing order and simplicity to EPC Number Management

As apparel retailers increasingly adopt Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based solutions, vendors and retailers need to manage the complexity of EPC tag numbering. 

The problem: Every RFID tag contains a unique EPC number consisting of two critical components: Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and serialization data. Correctly managing these EPC numbers without being locked into a proprietary, closed system is critical to the effectiveness of an RFID-based solution.

Consider the challenges: 

Geographic Range - Multiple facilities across the world may be manufacturing a given product. 

Volume - There are thousands of SKUs and millions of individual items.

Multiple RFID Label Suppliers - Labels can come from a variety of vendors worldwide.

Diverse Encoding Methods - Labels may be encoded in large volumes (bulk encoding), individually in-plant (label printing) or outsourced entirely (service bureau).

Despite these complexities, it is essential that EPC numbers are assigned without duplication, and that all of the data is tracked accurately. Managing countless combinations of GTIN and serialization data, without losing the freedom to use multiple label providers, can be a daunting task.

Checkpoint's Open EPC Number Management is the solution. This hosted application provides global EPC number management and is the only solution that can be used independent of a vendor's or retailer's RFID technology partner or label supplier.

This scalable solution was built for apparel vendors and brand owners working with Walmart or other department stores on RFID initiatives, and also for retailers adopting RFID and requiring a solution that optimizes their operations and those of their suppliers.

Open EPC Number Management:

  • Generates unique serialized EPC numbers adhering to EPCGlobal requirements
  • Manages and provides EPC numbers by SKU centrally and distributes them to consuming applications worldwide, such as service bureaus and in-plant label printing application
  • Provides a standard interface to communicate to external consuming applications
  • Ensures guaranteed delivery of numbers to consuming applications
  • Delivers an open platform and standards-based solution that doesn't lock a customer into a single source proprietary solution, ensuring flexibility in choice of label suppliers

The Open EPC Number Management solution is built on Checkpoint's OAT Foundation Suite, one of the most mature and robust RFID software platforms in the industry today.

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