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Supply Chain Visibility

“Where are our reusable containers?”

“Why do we continuously have to expedite parts to the manufacturing line?”

“How can we make our ERP system more accurate so that we can make better use of it?”

“We assume the delivery contained everything we ordered, but what if it didn’t?”

“The pallet isn’t on the shelf where it is supposed to be… so where is it?”

"Entering the data is a big problem in ERP programs. And we believe that we are going to be able to adapt the ERP program more easily if we can gather the data using RFID technology both in production and warehouses."

– Automotive Equipment Manufacturer

Supply chains are complex, fast-moving, and fraught with potential errors that can lead to costly problems downstream. From shortages on the line to expedited orders, line stoppages, dissatisfied customers and, ultimately, lost sales, the costs associated with these challenges are real and they are serious. Forward-thinking manufacturers, logistics companies, distributors, sales & service organizations and others have wisely implemented a variety of systems to help improve their operations reduce errors.

“Putting RFID on the work orders allows us to have a hands-free, automatic confirmation process. And it also helps us find items much quicker.”

– Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer

However, systems like these rely on manual data entry and time-consuming additional processes that often lead to inaccuracies and further issues. These systems need real-time information that reflects the reality of the operation.

For Manufacturers, Distributors, Logistics Companies, and Sales & Service organizations, OATSystems delivers Supply Chain Visibility Solutions, real-time enabling critical operational processes, including:

Barcode - Passive RFID - Active RFID - Ultra Wide Band RF (UWB) - Wi-Fi - RTLS - RFID-enhanced EAS - Location Servers - GPS - Application Sensors (e.g. Stack Lights, PLCs, alarms...)