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OAT Technology

"…the addition of OAT's passive RFID and other auto-ID technologies capabilities (to Zebra Location Solutions) will enable Zebra to play a larger and more meaningful role in helping organizations to make smarter decisions in managing their operations."

- Phil Gerskovich, SVP New Growth Platforms
Zebra Technologies

Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Service Providers rely on a variety of enterprise systems to monitor, manage, and optimize value chain processes. OATSystems delivers real-time, actionable visibility to these systems, leveraging IT investments and operational processes across multiple industries and business functions.

The OAT Foundation Suite™ is the most widely deployed RFID middleware platform, providing two-way process integration between enterprise applications and real-time information from Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS and GPS inputs.

"OAT enabled us to deploy a cost effective solution that allows us to focus our RFID efforts where there is a clear value proposition for our company and our customers."

- Director of Auto-ID and Sensor Technologies, Consumer Products Manufacturer

OAT Solutions are built on the OAT Foundation Suite platform. OAT Manufacturing Solutions automate and error-proof plant floor operations. OAT Distribution Solutions automate and error-proof warehousing and logistics operations. OAT Sales & Service Solutions automate and error-proof wholesale, retail, maintenance & repair and reverse logistics operations.

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