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RFID Integration with Enterprise Systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM, Deltek, Solumina)

RFID and sensor data is real-time, high volume and operational in nature. RFID technology is designed to inform and enrich systems and processes, not be an end in itself. To that end, most OAT deployments include enterprise systems integration of some kind. The table below provides examples of OAT RFID deployments by enterprise system. Links to integration resources for specific systems are included at the foot of the page.

Selected OAT RFID Deployments by Process Area, Enterprise System

The following table lists selected OAT deployments with the most common enterprise systems including SAP, Oracle, IBM, Deltek, Solumina, as well as in-house or proprietary systems, which are RFID-enabled using web services or OAT APIs.

Manufacturing Distribution/Logistics Sales & Service Operations
WIP Tracking/Kanban Management for an Industrial Equipment Manufacturer (SAP ERP) Inbound Receiving for an Aerospace Manufacturer (SAP ERP) Yard Tracking for a Heavy Equipment Manufacturer (SAP ERP)
Tool Tracking for a Defense Contractor – (Deltek CostPoint) Shipping & Receiving for an Electronics Manufacturer (Oracle ERP) Perishable Sample Tracking for a Life Sciences Firm (IBM WebSphere)
Composite Materials Tracking for an Aerospace Manufacturer (iBaseT Solumina) Warehousing & Logistics for a Food & Drug Retail Chain (Oracle ERP) In-Store Inventory Management for an Apparel Retailer (IBM WebSphere)
ATA 2000 Part Marking for Multiple Aerospace Manufacturers (SAP ERP) Kitting and Shipping for an Aerospace Manufacturer (SAP ERP) MRO Tracking for an International Airline (Custom M&E Application)

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