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Quantify the Benefits of Real-time Visibility
OATaxiom provides a flexible and robust Auto-ID and sensor analytics platform for business users. It enables enterprises to obtain business intelligence, and to quantify cost savings.


  • An Auto-ID Data Warehouse specifically tuned to the real-time nature and characteristics of RFID, Wi-Fi and RTLS events, providing data consistency for high-volumes of data readings.
  • A Consistency Engine which uses inferencing logic and business context to turn noisy, incomplete, and error-laden data into a clean view of a business's sensor data across the supply chain.
  • Built-in Adapters for automated import of data from trading partners and company subsidiaries to create an enterprise-level view.
  • Analytics and Reporting featuring a flexible analytics platform with pre-built reports and email alerts for business users.

    “organizations require increased visibility of assets and actionable data on how they are being utilized to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs and capital expenditures.”

    – ABI Research

The OAT Foundation Suite makes it easy for companies to implement real-time enabled applications in an SOA environment and integrate with existing business applications.

  • OATenterprise provides centralized management of distributed Auto-ID and sensor deployments.
  • OATdevice manager supports a wide range of Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS, GPS devices and sensors and monitors device status across the enterprise, regardless of location
  • OATdesigner provides companies with a single, seamless design environment to manage all RFID-centric business processes across the various deployment options – devices, controllers, premises and enterprise servers.
  • OATxpress provides a library of best practice RFID applications, based on years of deployment expertise, which are pre-configured to run directly on different deployment options including low-cost edge controller devices.
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