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Incorporate Process Changes without Custom Development
OATdesigner provides a set of building blocks for business users to create and fine-tune Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS and sensor processes. With OATdesigner, organizations can easily incorporate continuous process improvements without costly custom development.

OATdesigner is the industry’s only extensible design environment for configuration of Auto-ID (including active and passive RFID) scenarios through a standard process-definition language. OATdesigner speeds time to deployment by replacing custom programming with simple configuration changes. It is ideal for companies who want the “best practices” defined in OATxpress, but who also want the flexibility to modify their sensor infrastructure and operational business processes to meet their unique needs.


  • rfXML process definition language provides a single, extensible framework for designing Auto-ID scenarios
  • rfPrimitives library of Auto-ID and sensor-centric business processes
  • Intuitive GUI to design or modify existing RFID and sensor-centric business processes and support integration to devices and systems
  • Software development kit (SDK) with full documentation, examples, and tools to enable companies to create entirely new rfPrimitives to meet their specific needs

The OAT Foundation Suite makes it easy for companies to implement real-time enabled applications in an SOA environment and integrate with existing business applications.

  • OATenterprise provides centralized management of distributed Auto-ID and sensor deployments.
  • OATdevice manager supports a wide range of Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS, GPS devices and sensors and monitors device status across the enterprise, regardless of location
  • OATxpress provides a library of best practice RFID applications, based on years of deployment expertise, which are pre-configured to run directly on different deployment options including low-cost edge controller devices.
  • OATaxiom provides an Auto-ID and sensor analytics platform for business users.
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