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OATdevice manager™

It’s a common misconception that Auto-ID deployments require a significant hardware investment. OATdevice manager provides a cost-effective solution by leveraging existing barcode, Wi-Fi and sensor infrastructure.

“OAT provides a mature and proven RFID solution which enables us to transform RFID data into actionable business information."

- Logistics & Analytics Director, Pharmaceutical Company

OATdevice manager supports passive RF, active RF, WiFi, RTLS and GPS tags & devices. It is device-agnostic, supporting multiple brands of devices and sensors, and monitoring device status across the enterprise, regardless of location. OATdevice manager serves as a filter for high-volume RFID and sensor data, ensuring that data coming into the system is “clean,” consistent, and usable, regardless of the types of input.


  • Wide range of Hardware support - including RFID readers, bar-code scanners, PLCs, and label printers
  • Device management to centralize control and operation of readers, antennas, and controllers without the need to be on-site with each device, including large-scale and dense reader deployments
  • A device monitoring dashboard to provide real-time status of Auto-ID hardware infrastructure and to send alerts in the event of performance failure

The OAT Foundation Suite makes it easy for companies to implement real-time enabled applications in an SOA environment and integrate with existing business applications.

  • OATenterprise provides centralized management of distributed Auto-ID and sensor deployments.
  • OATdesigner provides companies with a single, seamless design environment to manage all RFID-centric business processes across the various deployment options – devices, controllers, premises and enterprise servers.
  • OATxpress provides a library of best practice RFID applications, based on years of deployment expertise, which are pre-configured to run directly on different deployment options including low-cost edge controller devices.
  • OATaxiom provides an Auto-ID and sensor analytics platform for business users.
Barcode - Passive RFID - Active RFID - Ultra Wide Band RF (UWB) - Wi-Fi - RTLS - RFID-enhanced EAS - Location Servers - GPS - Application Sensors (e.g. Stack Lights, PLCs, alarms...)

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