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OAT Foundation Suite™

"...the OAT (Foundation Suite) is a true AutoID platform, not only capable of supporting a host of AutoID and sensor solutions, but also capable of supporting further application development."

- Andrew Nathanson,
Vice President VDC Research

The OAT Foundation Suite is a proven middleware platform that provides two-way process integration between enterprise applications and real-time information from Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS and GPS inputs.

OAT Foundation Suite software captures and normalizes large volumes of sensor data, adding business context and consistency logic for enterprise applications. This provides an immediate and accurate record of process steps, asset and inventory movements for improving supply chain, manufacturing and service operations.

OAT Foundation Suite components include:

OATxpress™ Industrial-strength Auto-ID middleware engine for capturing, validating and adding business context to RFID, Wi-Fi, Barcode, RTLS, GPS, PLC and other sensor data, through built-in integration and process scenarios
OATenterprise™ Centralized device management, process management and data aggregation for distributed Auto-ID deployments

Enterprise Auto-ID Data Warehouse with robust analytics and reporting

OATdevice manager™ Support and management of multiple devices including RFID readers, printers, controllers, RTLS systems, sensor and edge devices; for deploying Auto-ID business processes
OATdesigner™ Graphical design environment for configuring Auto-ID process scenarios

OAT Foundation Suite Solutions

“People are buying OAT for strategic use and strategic applications, which existing business applications could never support."

-Jeff Woods, Gartner Group

OAT Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales & Service Solutions are built on the OAT Foundation Suite platform.

OAT Manufacturing Solutions automate and error-proof plant floor operations. Reusable Asset Tracking tracks reusable containers, along with the products and components they contain, across multiple assembly processes and facilities. Source Tagging and Inbound Receiving improve supply chain execution by tracking goods at the start of the value chain. On the plant floor, Line-side Replenishment and Work-in-Process automatically track each step of the assembly process and ensure that required components are on hand.

OAT Distribution Solutions automate and error-proof warehousing and logistics operations. Reusable Asset Tracking tracks reusable containers, along with associated work orders and customer orders, across multiple supply chain partners and facilities. Shipment Validation/ASN-Based Receiving and Directed Putaway solutions improve warehouse operations by tracking goods as they are received at the warehouse and placed in inventory.

“As shippers, carriers, and 3PLs increase their use of logistics IT, OATSystems continues to be flexible and responsive, anticipating customers' evolving needs..."

- Felecia Stratton,
Inbound Logistics

OAT Sales & Service Solutions automate and error-proof wholesale, retail, maintenance & repair and reverse logistics operations. Reusable Asset Tracking tracks reusable containers, associated with customer orders or maintenance work orders, from pick and ship to customer site. Automated Goods Receipt improves sales and service operations by ensuring goods are received correctly from the start. Yard Management automates tracking of trailers and finished goods. Merchandise Visibility integrated value chain solutions for retailers reduce stock-outs and increase sales.

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