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Add Business Context to Sensor Data
OATxpress is the industry-leading software platform for capturing, filtering, and managing Auto-ID and sensor data within a single edge facility, such as a manufacturing plant, distribution center, or retail store. OATxpress packages an industrial-strength Auto-ID middleware engine with "best practice" edge scenarios to accelerate deployment and return on investment.

OATxpress is the runtime component of the OAT Foundation Suite which acts as an EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Service) Capture Application. Unlike traditional filtering and collection applications, OATxpress is designed to provide real-time context, rules and alerts as sensor data is being processed, enabling users to take immediate action when process exceptions occur.

  • EPCIS Capture Applications which put RFID data into business context for real-time process optimization
  • EPC number management structure which becomes the system of record for EPC number management
  • "Best practice" scenarios including source tagging, work-in-process tracking, pallet building, shipping, and receiving
  • Built-in operations which perform specific basic functions such as printing & commissioning RFID tags, container aggregation, RFID enabled ASNs, shipment, receiving and inventory workflows.
  • Fat/thin deployment modes which enable businesses to optimize deployment architecture and manage readers across large numbers of remote sites (e.g. manufacturing facilities, retail stores) by separating platform components.
    • “Fat” deployment mode would involve OATxpress running on server(s)
    • “Thin” deployment mode would be on lightweight devices such as industrial controllers and/or handheld readers.

Learn about OATenterprise for large-scale deployments

The OAT Foundation Suite makes it easy for companies to implement real-time enabled applications in an SOA environment and integrate with existing business applications.

  • OATenterprise provides centralized management of distributed Auto-ID and sensor deployments.
  • OATdevice manager supports a wide range of Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS, GPS devices and sensors and monitors device status across the enterprise, regardless of location
  • OATdesigner provides companies with a single, seamless design environment to manage all RFID-centric business processes across the various deployment options – devices, controllers, premises and enterprise servers.
  • OATaxiom provides an Auto-ID and sensor analytics platform for business users.
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